Чистый Freestyle

Eh wait
I came from nothing to something
So don’t you be buggin
What you know about
Hitting licks on a Sunday
This ain’t nothing like Compton
R.I.P to Kobe
Pray that’ when I’m dead
Generations gon’ know me
From Moscow to Nairobi
Kicking raps when I’m lonely
Shopping packs like am ponny
Scarface like I’m tony
Wait eh
Scarface like I’m tony
Posted in the trap
Tryna Stack up a profit
I been in the streets
All my life like an orphan
I just kill a beat
And I do it with caution
Rest In Peace
To the gees that we lost
I got problems that still hunt me from my past
They don’t know all the pain that it cost
Man, they don’t know all the pain
That it took to got here
I lost my mind tryna digest
All of the shit I been through last year
This shit ain’t new to me
This is like food to me
I’m still the shaq like O’Neil
Refugee with no lauryn
I keep it cool in a foreign
I pop a perc when I touring
I gave her D when it’s demon time
So many watches but still got no time
Commitment issues got me trusting nobody
I don’t even trust me sometimes
Wait, 400 years we was slave
Free all my guys in the cage
That’s why I rock all this chains
Jump from a ship to a wraith
Put a racist in his place - bitch
put a racist in his place
I’m tryna stack a milli in the case
I told my lawyer we beating the case
But if not, you know that I’m hitting the race
This shit ain’t regular degular
I got the plug
I am the peddler
I know the feds they tapping my cellular
I keep like 3 phones in the jaguar
Cartier lenses to cover the pain
Me and this niggaz we never the same
I’m from a place where they killing my people
My president acting like saddam Hussein
Hol up wait
Let me reframe
Middle finger to my leaders and government
If I was y’all I’ll be ashamed
With all that money and power
Who the fuck did you empower
I got families in the streets
They ain’t got nothing to eat
This shit is greed
That’s why I’m blowing my steeze
Overseas with the Gees
Keep a strap under my seat
Incase a niqqa tryna diss
Imma pull up with the stick
Lay him down with his peeps
They know I’m ready for beef
Who the fuck tryna compete
Blood stains on the whip
Alabi with the chick
Trigger finger got the grip
Let it off then i dip
Lay low for a week
Yeyo coming quick
Shout out to my niqqa scrip
He the realiest that I ve seen out here
Most of this Niqqas they capping out here